Sleep Disorder Hypnosis

Are you suffering from waking up during the night and cannot go back to sleep back? Are you tossing and turning in bed trying to sleep and forcing yourself to keep your eyes open without any result? Too much thinking? Your body is like a symphony orchestra. In the orchestra there are many instruments and the instrument sometimes needed to be fine tuned.

sleep disorder hypnosis Imagine a violin going out of tune and the piano losing its rhythm. After re-tuning the instruments, they are back to playing with full power and compliment the orchestra beautifully. Thus the music is magic! Likewise, the body works in a similar way. Sleeping time is very important for us. During our sleep, our body instruments (digestive system, muscular system, reproductive system, cardiovascular system) are refreshing up. When you are sleepless, the parts in your body can’t recharge. You get tired and the consequences can be fatigue and physical illness as well. Note that a sleep disorder is not a problem; they are just a temporary symptom or consequence from your current problems you are facing in life. They can be things like stress, anxiety, guilt, sadness and many other negativities. Release yourself from unslept nights; let hypnosis relax you and when you wake up the next time, hear yourself say, “What a rest! I am ready to start this new day.”

Sleep Disorders

Having a sleep disorder is a far more common affliction than most people realise – and a sleep disorder is also far more debilitating than is often recognised.

In today’s society, we lead such active, almost frantic lives. During the day, we encourage our minds to be as active as possible, and at night, we have the expectation that we should be able to simply switch off. But for many of us, it is just not that easy. If you spend long hours lying in bed with your mind racing a million miles an hour, you are not alone – far from it.

However, just because a problem is common, doesn’t mean you need to learn to live with it.

Sleep truly is nourishing, and going without is like going without food. Your body misses the opportunity to refresh and recharge and as a result, your cognition suffers.

Solid scientific evidence shows how much our brains slow down when we haven’t gotten enough sleep. Concentration suffers, and the synapses that connect various parts of our brains don’t fire. We lose the ability to think laterally, and focus becomes poor.

When drained enough, our brain begins to shut down of its own accord, with different sections shutting down momentarily to rest. These shutdowns are what is known as ‘micro-sleeps’. We are all aware of how dangerous micro-sleeps can be when we are driving, but have you also considered the way they could affect your work, your ability to look after your children, your performance playing sport – and just about any other aspect of your life.

A lack of sleep has also been connected to higher stress levels, weight gain, and relationship difficulties.

It is simple: we need sufficient sleep to function at our best. And if you suffer from a sleep disorder, getting enough sleep can be a challenge. The more tired you get, the more anxious you get about not being able to sleep. And the more anxious you become, the more difficult it becomes to fall asleep. On and on the cycle goes.

Sleep Disorder Hypnosis

Sleep disorder hypnosis, or relaxation hypnosis, as it is also known, can be an incredibly powerful solution. By undergoing relaxation hypnosis, the deep seated causes of your tension and inability to fall asleep are revealed.

You know you need to address the causes of your problem, rather than simply the symptoms, and when it comes to sleep disorders identifying causes can be incredibly challenging.

By undergoing sleep disorder hypnotherapy with an experienced, qualified professional, you can have the causes of your problem revealed and addressed. You will soon realise that sleep disorder hypnotherapy really can work!

The treatment for sleep disorder hypnotherapy or relaxation hypnosis is simple, non-invasive, and completely safe. And the benefits are incredible.

The Benefits of Sleep Disorder Hypnosis

Imagine lying down, closing your eyes, and falling asleep. Imagine sleeping right through the night, and waking up feeling refreshed, and rejuvenated. Imagine getting to the end of your day and realising that while you are ready for bed, you are not so tired that you are falling asleep on your feet.

At work, your mind will be sharp, clear and fresh. Ideas will flow, and you will have the focus to follow through on them.

Relaxation hypnotherapy is a completely safe and natural solution to your sleep disorder. You will feel years younger as a result of the treatment, and everyone around you will notice the difference as your skin becomes clearer, your eyes brighter, and your smile more ready.

In short, you will feel so good that then glow coming from within will radiate, and will be obvious to all.

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